HOSTED IoT Platform


The Hosted IoT Platform is the Volery IoT Platform including all services and applications deployed on dedicated infrastructure and provided over the internet or virtual private networks.

It is dynamically scalable and the costs are directly connected to the resource and service consumption.

The operational and time-consuming tasks of managing and monitoring dedicated infrastructure, providing redundancy, availability, scalability and updates are maintained by Schwarm.

The hosted IoT Platform does not share any databases, streaming platforms or services with different customers and you gain logging and monitoring access of your Volery IoT instance and depending services.


Private IoT Platform instance

Your IoT Platform is fully separated from other instances and all services can be upgraded at your level of speed.

Fast time to market

It is deployed within a few hours by Schwarm and you can fully focus on your IoT business model.

Infrastructure and IoT Platform monitoring access

You get deep monitoring insights in your IoT Platform instance and your dedicated infrastructure of your own services.

Hosted and fully managed by Schwarm

The dedicated IoT Platform is hosted on the infrastructure of one of Schwarms business partners and is fully managed by Schwarm.