Volery is our Ready to use IoT Platform to connect, control and manage IoT devices

The core of our services is Volery IoT, our ready-to-use IoT Platform. Volery IoT is a device integration and management software which allows you to connect, visualize, process and manage rapidly your Internet of Things devices. Volery IoT is designed to reduce complexity and to empower you to get the most out of your IoT business.

Volery IoT reduces disruptively the time to market of your IoT projects through rapid and flexible deployment in every vertical market. From a simple monitoring of device data to highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence applications. Volery IoT is Open Source and gives you full control of the source code and of your data.

Volery IoT Platform is available in different service options:

Key features

High Flexibility

You can switch at any time between all different service options – make/buy, PaaS, Hosted, On Premises – along with lowest cost for innovation and maintenance.

Strategic Control of Data

The software is Open Source und you have full control the source code and of your data at any time.

Easy to Operate

Very easy implementation and integration of devices with no programing required. Third-party platforms or own older platforms can be integrated easily.

State-of-the-art Technology

Volery IoT is based on a microservice architecture and supports IoT communication standards as well as artificial intelligence software modules and neuronal network control software.