IoT Applications

With our many years of experience in different IoT projects we plan and develop applications with you based on Volery IoT to get the most out of your IoT project. IoT applications can consist of backend or user interface parts or can include both.

Human-Machine-Interaction Applications

The user experience is a main part of the human-machine-interaction (HMI) and plays a key role in every IoT project. The major goal of the HMI application is to make the user’s experience as simple and efficient as possible.

We offer different techniques to create complete user interface (UI) applications or single web UI widgets to match your specific IoT user experiences. The user interfaces can be developed for any kind of display devices e.g. browser web UI, smartphone, tablets, display boards, etc.

Backend Applications

The kind of backend IoT application is often very relevant for design and engineering decisions. Backend applications can import and combine data from extern sources, can purify or adapt your device measurements and commands, can base on analytic results, etc. All of them have their own challenges. We provide the knowledge in IoT and cloud computing to fulfill the requirements needed.

We assist you in building backend applications for your use case in the most efficient way directly integrated in the Volery IoT architecture.