Mosquito Research via Artificial Intelligence

Biogents AG produces highly efficient traps against mosquitos and performs contract research and development on mosquito repellents and related products.


Exploring the behavior of mosquitos conducted at the Institute of Zoology of the University of Regensburg.

These special Biogents traps are enabled to realize the vibration of mosquito wing beats via an infrared sensor and to count mosquitos. For the identification of the species based on the vibration of the wing beats an IoT Solution including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications were needed.


The collected sonic data from the trap is send to the IoT Cloud, where the data is analyzed with a special customized Artificial Intelligence application programmed by Schwarm as well. In the context of Machine Learning the identified vibrational patterns of the newly identified mosquito are send back to the trap, so the trap is able to work in an offline mode.